It is an incredible honor to serve as your Mayor. This town welcomed me 30 years ago when I enrolled at Gresham High School and didn’t know a single person. Everything I have I owe to the wonderful residents of Gresham, and I will give you all I have to protect your vibrancy, livability, festivals and celebrations, and provide opportunities for our children and families.

We have an awesome community in Gresham, and we also have big challenges on the horizon. My priorities have always been consistent and unambiguous:

    • Protect our neighborhood livability from the nation and region’s street-level drug addiction issues, and strongly protect our parks, trails, and open spaces.
    • Keep strong, robust public safety services, like our Gang Enforcement Team, Springwater Trail police patrols, and Neighborhood Enforcement Team, which addresses zombie houses, drug issues, illegal camping, and parks safety.
    • Foster the best possible opportunities for our children and families, with quality education, economic investment and career opportunities, safe and affordable housing, and outstanding parks and recreation assets.

This town is bursting with outstanding volunteers, community proponents, and boosters of every type. We have awesome community pride, outstanding events, strong and diverse families, and a record of significant accomplishments, all during a time when rancor and divisiveness have tripped up government agencies across America. I ask for your help and support as we work to protect Gresham’s livability and keep the progress going forward!

Shane Bemis