Public Safety

My Priority:

Since my first day in office, public safety has been a paramount concern for me. That’s why I fought for gang funding from the State of Oregon, which allowed for the creation of the East Metro Gang Enforcement Team (EMGET).  This team does incredible work disrupting gangs and investigating violent crime. That is why Gresham’s 94 percent homicide solve rate is 30% higher than the national average of 64 percent.

In recent years, our public safety focus has resulted in the creation of the Neighborhood Enforcement Team, a cross-departmental group of police and code enforcement officers that focuses exclusively on issues like drug dealing, zombie houses, neighborhood livability, and protecting parks, trails, and natural areas from illegal activity. We also launched a regular police patrol on the Springwater Trail and were able to hold the line and maintain it as a recreational asset, even when neighboring Portland completely abandoned their stretch of the alignment.

I will stop at nothing to garner state and federal resources for public safety, and ensure quick response times. I will also be pushing the State of Oregon to toughen its stolen vehicle statutes in the 2019 session, to ensure that we have the tools we need at the local level to protect your property and hold criminals accountable.

What We’ve Done:

  • Launched dedicated police patrols on the Springwater Trail, to keep it safe and accessible for our residents when Portland abandoned its responsibility to do so.
  • Created the Neighborhood Enforcement Team, a dedicated police resource to solve the stickiest and most complicated issues that impact neighborhood livability, like zombie houses, drug issues, and homeless camps.
  • Helped advocate for and deliver over $3 million in federal funding for police through the Department of Justice’s COPS program.
  • Advocated for the original creation of the state-funded East Metro Gang Enforcement Team, and successfully advocated for regular and continued state investment in this group ever since.
  • Forced TriMet to fund and operate a dedicated police precinct IN GRESHAM to police Gresham’s portion of the light-rail line.
  • Helped secure around $2.5 million in federal funding for firefighter/EMS positions, and their critical lifesaving gear.
  • Deployed the Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) to respond directly to medical issues instead of the big red fire engines, improving response times, efficiency, and quality of service.
  • Oversaw the creation of the Director of 21st Century Policing position, one of the first in the nation, to ensure that Gresham is at the most innovative edge in police services.
  • Worked on the US Conference of Mayors “Mayors and Police Chiefs Task Force” to help create national policy in 21st Century Policing.
  • Created the Citizen Volunteers in Policing (CVIP) Program, using Gresham’s goodhearted volunteers to assist our police officers on a daily basis and help keep eyes and ears on our streets.